Two Thumbs Up for “Music of the Movies”

CS2018It is my favorite time of year! For over a decade I have marked the arrival of fall not only with changing leaves and football season but with CenterStage’s annual show.

For newer readers, my name is Jenna and I am somewhat of a CenterStage superfan. I have seen or been involved in every show for the last 12 years. I have been a performing member of the choir for 5 seasons- though this year I am only a spectator.




I wanted to offer my thoughts on this year’s show in hopes of giving everyone a reason to put this event on their calendar.



I truly believe CenterStage is a hidden gem of the Wausau area. They may have their loyal following and secret fan clubs, but I hope that this is the year they attract new viewers as well.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at CenterStage Band and Show Choir’s final rehearsal and was so happy to be able to wander around backstage to see my friends as they put on the final touches to ensure that this show would be the best one yet.

Creating a show like “Music of the Movies” is a year-round process. The making of this year’s show started all the way back in January and will be over in just a few short days. There is so much time and effort that goes into a production of this magnitude.

With anything this big, there are bound to be long nights, stress, anxiety and exhaustion, but backstage, right before the curtain goes up there is a wave of calm that washes over the performers.

There is excitement, sure, but in that split second there is a collective breath and a shift from a feeling of putting in work to one of spreading happiness. These performers are not here just to “put on a show” they are here to share their mission of offering joy through music with the community that has supported them for 12 years.


For the first time in 5 years, I am experiencing CenterStage from the audience, though I don’t mind, because that is where I first fell in love with this wonderful group.

As I waited for the lights to dim I settled into my role as a member of the audience. I didn’t have to think about entrances or costumes, warming up my voice or making sure my props were in the right place. My only job was to be entertained and let me tell you, this show BLEW ME AWAY.

If a photo is worth 1000 words–these songs are worth 1000 memories. “Music of the Movies” is nostalgic, fun, and magical. You can hop in the car with the Griswold’s on their way to Walley World and stand in a choir with Sister Mary Clarence. Help celebrate Hercules with the Muses and let Johnny Castle lift you up during your stay at Kellerman’s. It has all the awe and emotion of the big screen with the spectacle and surprise of live performance.

As I watched, I realized how hard it would be for me to pick a favorite number, as each one was better than the last. The band, at the direction of Joel Freiberg, was fabulous. The choir held their energy from start to finish.

This show not only showcased how amazing the group is as a whole- but also lent itself to featuring new and seasoned performers alike- meaning the audience really can feel as if they are getting to know members on a more individual level.

Do yourself a favor and make time to see this show. Let yourself be taken back to the wonderful worlds of these films. Be swept away by stories of love and loss, faith and fun. Bring a date, your friends, your family. CenterStage puts on an experience that is great for everyone that they are worth seeing again and again.

It is a FREE show at a historic theatre. (I’d see almost anything with that description). If you have been lucky enough to see CenterStage in action, encourage a new friend to attend with you. If you have never seen them perform, make this the year you try it out. I promise CenterStage will have you singing along and dancing in your seats!


“Music of the Movies” is at the Grand Theatre, 7:30pm  September 27-29


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