Thank You for Being a Friend

Friends of CenterStage

CenterStage Band and Show Choir is only days away from moving into The Grand Theatre in Wausau and that means it’s almost showtime! This year’s show, “Music of the Movies” will provide an evening of wonderful music taken straight from the silver screen.


CenterStage has always provided a free show for our audience. We love that a whole family can attend a night of live entertainment without breaking the bank–and we plan to keep it that way– but we are always looking for ways to enhance your experience.

Perhaps you are already planning on attending this annual show. You may already have your tickets, you might even have your schedule for the evening to ensure you are in line in time to find the perfect seat. But what if I told you there was a way to get in a shorter line, an advance pick of seats, and even a chance to win some awesome prizes?

This season we are trying something new called “Friends of CenterStage”. We are so grateful for our generous patrons and sponsors, and we want to recognize those that have supported us. For a donation of $25 you can become a Friend of CenterStage and receive 2 VIP tickets to our show and 2 entries into our Thank You prize drawing. We have three wonderful prizes to win, and the only way to get an entry is by being a Friend.

ticketsVIP tickets will allow you access to a separate line where you will be let into the theatre before our general seating ticket holders- giving you a chance to find a seat faster.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of CenterStage there will be a table set up in the Great Hall each evening of the show where you can make a donation and receive your VIP tickets.

If you already have your tickets for the show, don’t worry, you can still donate and upgrade your tickets.

You may be thinking, “But I already donated to CenterStage this year”. That’s ok too! We have a list of donations that have been made in the last year. Stop by the VIP ticket pickup and let us know you already donated.

The band and choir are so excited to perform for you. We hope that offering this new Friends of CenterStage program will show you how much our audiences mean to us.

Mark your calendars: “Music of the Movies” hits the stage September 27-29.

Be sure to like us on Facebook at CenterStage Band and Show Choir



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