Opening Night!

posterThe time has come! We are in the final hours of preparation for CenterStage’s 2016 show: A Night on Broadway! We moved into the Grand on Sunday afternoon and have been running almost non-stop to get us to THIS VERY MOMENT! It’s OPENING NIGHT!

We have been working hard all year long to give you our best show ever and we hope you enjoy every moment. I believe A Night on Broadway will be one to remember for a few reasons.

A Broadway show is so special because so many of CS’s performers found their passion for performance through musical theatre. We, as performers, may not have had the opportunity to participate in such well-known shows. But, by presenting an all Broadway show, we are able to experience the stories and characters that we’ve admired for so long in a whole new way.

That passion will be undeniable for our audiences, and whether you are new to Broadway music or a constant theatre-goer, you will find the energy and dedication of the performers to be well worth the night out.


If you are lucky enough to be a regular theatre-goer in the Wausau area you will definitely recognize some of the music this weekend. We feature songs from Little Shop of Horrors and  Hairspray, both of which were performed by Wausau Community Theatre over the last couple years.

We also are presenting a medley including songs from The Producers, Avenue Q, and Spamalot–all three of which have been produced by UWMC Theatre. (The first two of which I participated in–which I think is pretty cool).


And I’m not the only one excited about this show, I asked some members what they were most looking forward to in this year’s show. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

  • Getting to perform one of my favorite pieces: “Good Morning”!
  • The chance to watch the group as a spectator and see all the hard work come together
  • Variety of music we will sing
  • We haven’t had a story script in a few years, and I think it will tie the songs together nicely and let our actors have a nice feature.
  • The Motown medley

And while we are all excited about the show–it is also important to note that we are all equally excited for CenterStage to be celebrating its 10 year anniversary. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to keep performing for a community that has supported us for so long.

Our success as an organization can be traced to a number of different factors. Here’s what our members think is the secret to our success:

  • Passionate people who just love what they do.
  • Everyone’s dedication to the cause
  • Offering a free show, and really focussing on our involvement with the community
  • The camaraderie, generosity, good humor, professionalism and enthusiasm of the members and a willingness to seek out and welcome new performers and crew.
  • The dedication of the people in the organization behind the scenes and the performers.
  • Great directors, wonderful choreographers, talented, dedicated members; all with the same love of music and performance.
  • GREAT SINGERS who aren’t afraid to dig in and help with running the organization 
  • Everyone helping out all year long 


Shari Sailing, a performing member, also added “the generosity of spirit that is at the core of wanting to share our love of music with each other and with the community. When everyone is so committed to giving of themselves such strong bonds of love, friendship and fun make coming to rehearsal week after week and performing truly a blessing.”

We hope you will see all of the love and dedication that we have poured into this show.

Join us at the Grand Theatre at 7:30 pm the evenings of September 29, 30, and October 1.

Admission is free!

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